Welcome to the first Edge Rugby Newsletter. The camp in July was a resounding success and we hope that your sons enjoyed their time with us. We managed to get a lot done and could see specific improvements in every player. We are now in the process of planning future developments for Edge Rugby and we’re busy firming up dates for further camps in October and December 2012.

Camp 1 – July 24th-26th 2012, St Benedict’s School Ealing
Having warned everyone to bring wet weather gear our camp was blessed by the hottest weather of 2012 with all three days reaching 32 degrees. The heat made it tough, and tiring, but gave us a great opportunity to immediately cover the importance of hydration and how to approach training sensibly in ‘extreme’ weather like that. Edge Rugby was also delighted to welcome Joe Simpson (Wasps, England) to the first camp. He gladly joined in playing touch with the boys (despite wearing jean shorts!) and answered their questions about rugby, development, school and more. He was a fantastic addition to the camp and we’d like to thank him for his involvement.

On this camp we went for quite a broad range of topics and were able to cover:
Fitness testing – Practical and theory
Goal Setting – Theory
Attacking Space and ‘hitting lines’
Conditioning – Practical and theory
Skills – Handling, ‘tip and pin’, 2v1 and 3v2, kicking
Contact – contact skills, jackling
Speed and Agility – Practical circuit
SWOT – Theory. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
Joe Simpson (Wasps and England) – Playing, coaching and Q+A session.

Every player went home with their own, personalised Edge Rugby Portfolio. I hope that these have proved useful and continue to do so. If you, or the boys, have any questions about the content or would like anything to be explained further then please do not hesitate to drop us an email. We’d be more than happy to help. Also, if a Portfolio gets lost or damaged then we can send a replacement through to you.
The aim of the Player Portfolio is for each player to keep it and build on it each time they come to an Edge Rugby Camp, creating a useful and detailed document detailing their progress and providing a useful resource of information.

Private Coaching
Edge Rugby is pleased to announce that it is now open to taking private coaching sessions whether for individuals or small groups. We will tailor every aspect to what you actually want and when you want it – whether you would prefer a focus on a set skill such as kicking, or on conditioning, or an all-round approach. Email us to find out more and we can discuss how we can proceed.